ConcCare®GGBFS is a by-product of iron manufacture and is chemically very consistent. When iron ore, limestone and coke are heated to about 1500°C in blast furnace, they melt to produce two products – molten iron, and molten slag. The process of granulating slag involves cooling molten slag through high-pressure water jets. This repidly quenches the slag and forms granular particles. The granulated slag is further processed by drying and then ground to a very fine powder, which is called ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS).

The use of ConcCare®GGBFS as a partial Portland cement replacement takes advantage of the energy invested in the slag making process and its corresponding benefits with respect to the enhanced cementitious properties of the slag. Grinding slag for cement replacement requires only about 25 percent of the energy needed to manufacture Portland cement. For detailed information about  ConcCare®GGBFS we recommend our valued customers to contact their local agents or SSCI concrete consultant to get a copy of: ConcCare®GGBFS User's Guide.