Open Evaporative Cooling Towers

Using SSCI specifically formulated open evaporative cooling systems can guarantee maximum protection to your system against corrosion, scale/sludge deposition and biological fouling. SSCI product range include:

  • Combined scale and corrosion inhibitors.
  • dispersants/sludge conditioners.
  • Combined corrosion inhibitors and dispersants.

Closed Cooling System

SSCI range of technically advanced closed circuit multifunctional water treatment chemicals have been developed specifically for use in closed circuit hot water heating systems, cooling systems and chillers. These versatile products can be used across a range of commercial, industrial and process applications and offer a convenient, high performance alternative to the use of multiple products. Our product range include:

  • Nitrite based closed circuit corrosion inhibitors proven to have superior performance developed to

    offer superior levels of protection in closed circuits.

  • Molybdate and phosphonate based corrosion inhibitors,  superior products that can

    prevent corrosion and deposits in closed and aerated cooling water systems.

    The products contain inhibitors for steel, copper and copper alloys.

  • Nitrite/molybdate based corrosion Inhibitors,  superior quality low nitrite/molybdate.


SSCI produces superior quality biocides for both closed and open evaporative cooling systems to efficiently control the growth of microbiological species which leaves negative impact on the systems performance.


SSCI products of isothiazoline base are excellent non-oxidizing biocides developed for use in cooling towers, closed circuits and other similar applications.

SSCI quaternary ammonium based biocides are developed for use in re-circulating cooling towers. The products can be used to control both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as algae and fungi.


 SSCI Cooling Systems Product Portfolio






Phosphate, phosphonate and acrylate inhibitors

Scale and corrosion inhibitors for open evaporative cooling systems.


Nitrite, molybdate and phosphonate inhibitors

Closed systems corrosion and scale inhibitors


Isothiazolines and quaternary ammonium

Biocides and microbiological control agents for closed and open cooling systems